Generally, the first thing you get is a new swimsuit when it’s on your plans to go to the beach, but it’s not the main item! Think about going to a foreign country (Mexico), and some things you need to add to your list in order to not forget or miss anything out of it on your holidays.

The luggage is the only thing that keeps you from the perfect holiday apart from booking your flights and your hotel. We know that it sounds like a challenge, but you will never have to worry if you follow our experts’ packing tips.

  • Create a list. We know it sounds a little dull, but lists are the door for a holiday without tension. Separate anything from what you want and be honest with the limitations of your luggage. The following might be a good place to start if you need list inspiration.
  • Bring a package for first aids forever. Take just a small bag with the most needed pills and medication. After all, during the holiday, nobody wants to suffer a headache, high temperatures, stomach upset or all three. It may be easy to take a domestic remedy in your home, but medications can only be prescribed in the country you are visiting. The same applies to allergy medications and asthma treatments – don’t forget to put them in!
  • Name tags are here to save you. You should not have to think about flying incognito unless you are a foreign person of mystery. Most suitcases come with regular name tags, so just fill them out as soon as possible. Better be safe than sorry just in case you– or the aviation business – miss your case!
  • Be careful about baggage limitations. If you say «70 pound» to your airline, then 70 pounds! Once you arrive at the airport, check your bags to make sure that you are under the guidelines, otherwise you will be forced to take extra cash out of your pocket in the airport.
  • DO NOT predict the weather. Although the Riviera Maya is almost all summer, some months a year rains just a lot, so we suggest you check out the weather every time and before you’re buying your airplane tickets.

Don’t you dare to forget the basics. Get your swimwear, the sunscreen (a biodegradable one), hat, shades, sandals and the best attitude to take advantage of all the wonders that the Maya Riviera has for you!