Do you feel that there is a beach you have not visit during your stay here in the Riviera Maya? In this article we have the answer!

The Riviera Maya is known for its white sand beaches and deep turquoise blue waters, in addition to that, unlike other states, Quintana Roo still has untouched areas, to which tourism does not go regularly. The following are 3 beaches where, even though they are not commonly visited, they’re open for tourist. 

Playa Norte

We will start the list with the second most beautiful beach in Mexico and one of the 25 best beaches in the world, located in the seventh position, under Baia Do Sancho, Brazil; Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands; Eagle Beach, Aruba; Playa Paraíso, Cuba; Siesta Beach, Florida; and Playa de la Concha, Spain.

These badges were awarded to Playa Norte by Traveler’s Choice awards 2020, from TripAdvisor. And is that there are several good reasons for this beach located in Isla Mujeres: the easy access and the choice of beach clubs, beach bars and chairs are some of the more important factors on this beach, there are also the different areas the beach has such as shallow pool areas for children; a wide shallow wading or relaxing lagoon area; an snorkelling are found a little deeper. Its crystal clear waters and soft-white sand invite tourists to forget all the accumulated stress and immerse themselves in a journey of pleasure and adventure.


Xpu-Há is your best alternative, you can find it only taking a 20 minute ride from Playa del Carmen if you are looking for absolute tranquility. A highlight of the beach is that due to the arrival of the big hotel chains is a corner of the Riviera Maya that hasn’t been altered and many eco-hotels, resorts and beach clubs of your choice are available at Xpu-Há. However, the best thing is the views, the palm trees, the forest a few steps away from the sea, the tranquility and the few tourist found there.

Mamita’s Beach

Yet if the everlasting party is really what you are looking for, Mamita’s Beach Club, right on the middle of Playa del Carmen, is the beach you need to pick if you want to visit the hottest spot. It’s one of the most popular beaches in the Maya Riviera, with important national and international events including Fashion TV Beach, DJ Festival, Jazz Festival and Fashion Peninsula.

This beautiful beach is the meeting place for visitors who have and/or want to have a blast in a youthful atmosphere, have perfect rest, enjoy great music and have fun spending their vacations here. You know where to go now if you are looking for an enjoyable place and good parties.