The lake of Bacalar is known as the ‘lake of seven colors’ a result of its consistently changing tones which run from sandy white to tones of green and blue. This assortment of shading happens because of a mix of elements: the crystalline water, the delicate shading on the base of the tidal pond, the sun’s beams, and the undulating profundity which doesn’t surpass 20 feet.

The crystalline lake spreads out into the separation practically giving the feeling that you are looking out of the Caribbean Sea. Fantastic wilderness mangroves surround areas of the lake and the Southern side of the water flaunts broad fossil formations that can be explored. Magnificent beauty at its best, Bacalar is a Mexican fortune.

Since Bacalar is slightly off the traveler track and doesn’t have a sea shore, it has remained an extremely financial destination in Quintana Roo. Despite the great beauty of the lake, and the natural wonders surroundings, it is as yet possible to discover exceptionally pleasant convenience at reasonable costs. There are likewise numerous cafés serving delicious food at economic prices, making Bacalar an incredible choice for the travelers who want their money to go further and at the same time enjoy all the beauties Bacalar has to offer.

Bacalar additionally holds a more conventional Mexican feel than numerous different destinations in the region. More popular among national sightseers than outsiders, it is an extraordinary spot to come on the off chance if you are interested in local culture and customs. If you want to come to this town on the first days of August and the timing is great, you’ll be able to enjoy the Festival of San Joaquin de Bacalar, which sees the avenues wake up with dances, parades, games and cultural events.

Quintana Roo is a very well known state for the travel industry and a few regions like Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen can get extremely crowded. Bacalar, otherwise, remains moderately calm and in low season you might be lucky enough to wonder on the surroundings of the lake without seeing an excessive number of people. The inns that sit just past the main town additionally offer a serene setting, allowing visitors to really unwind and loosen up.

Finally, Bacalar is conveniently located for exploring the local archeological zones and cenotes nearby, many of which are less well known in the region. Just like Bacalar, these sites are quieter than others in the state and you could very possibly be exploring them alone without any crowds.