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Whale Shark Snorkeling Experience

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The greater Cancun region is home to a number of breathtaking natural wonders and truly astounding tropical wildlife. Few are more spectacular than the region’s largest wildlife resident: the whale shark. Now, with our tour team here at Cancun, you get the chance to experience these marine giants like never before.

Swim alongside 10-meter (35-foot) whale sharks with the safety of our trained expert guides! Journey with us away from your resort and out into the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean to the largest whale shark gathering in the world. Experience the awe and adrenaline as whale sharks swim right beside you!
Swim With Whale Sharks

If you are searching for a place to see whale sharks, Cancun is the spot for you. Cancun’s warm waters and surplus amounts of plankton and small nekton (whale shark food) make it the ideal whale shark habitat from mid-May to September each year. Travelers from across the globe come to this region of the world to see whale sharks in their natural habitat. But here on our Whale Shark Snorkeling Experience, you’ll get to do so much more than simply see these amazing creatures…

Are you ready to swim with whale sharks? Weddings Tours has you covered. On this once in a lifetime tour, our team of experts take you up close and personal to whale sharks in their natural habitat. We suit you up with snorkeling gear and give you instructions on just how to swim alongside these gentle giants. Whale sharks may be the largest fish in the sea, but they’re quite peaceful and not interested in snacking on anything larger than microscopic marine life. Swimming with sharks has never been more serene.
The Best of the Best Cancun Whale Shark Tours

Here at Weddings Tours, we’ve designed this whale shark tour with the goal of helping travelers like you experience the peaceful beauty of whale sharks up close and personal. Our diving tour is led by expert guides who know all about whale sharks and the waters around Cancun. We’ll help keep you safe, comfortable, and informed as you swim alongside these gentle giants.

As whale sharks only grace the Cancun waters during the summer, we have a small window of opportunity to see these docile creatures up close in their natural habitat before they continue their migration. Thankfully, our regional experts know just where to go to find these amazing creatures swimming in our waters. If you’re in search of Cancun whale shark tours, this is the one to book.

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  • Round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned van from most hotels in Cancun and Playa del Carmen
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Life jacket
  • Bilingual guide
  • Light breakfast
  • Bottle water and soda
  • Beer (after swimming activities)
  • Lunch
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Maximum weight: 113 kg / 250 lbs
  • Activity not recommended for expecting mothers, guests with limited mobility or people with respiratory problems, injuries, back/neck issues or heart conditions
  • Guests must be fit and know how to swim

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Wear your swimsuit to the tour
A change of clothes
Beach towel
Biodegradable sunscreen
Extra money
Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes you must have basic swimming skills. It is important to be able to swim or float without a lifejacket.
What if I have never snorkeled before?
No problem our snorkel guides will show you how to use the equipment and take you to the best locations.
Do you have prescription masks?
Yes please notify your Adventure Advisor at the time of booking your tour.
Do you provide snorkeling gear?
Yes. We provide clean lifejackets snorkels masks and fins.
Can I use sunscreen?
We do not recommend using sunscreen because it contains chemicals that can damage the reef. If you need sunscreen please purchase only sunscreen labeled “biodegradable” and apply at least 20 minutes before entering the water.
Is the life jacket mandatory?
Yes - life jackets are mandatory at all times you are in the water.
Is there any extra cost as a tax reef dock or transportation?
There is no extra cost. It is included in the list price.
Is there a special price for observers if I do not wish to swim with the Whale Sharks?
No. Due to availability everyone boarding the boat including spectators must pay full price.
Are there showers available?
Yes in the restaurant (lunch).
How many passengers per boat?
10 passengers
Is it dangerous to swim with Whale Sharks?
No! Whale sharks are known as the "gentle giants" of the ocean and they are filter feeders - meaning they feed on small plankton and tiny micro-organisms. Despite their enormous mouths and thousands of teeth whale sharks pose no risk to humans. Plus with an average swimming speed of about 3 mph combined with the fact that they are already accustomed to swimming alongside humans these animals are very docile creatures.
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