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Tulum & Coba + Maya Village

Ruinas de Tulum, Zona Hotelera Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Walk Through the Only Oceanfront Maya City and Learn its Fascinating History:
More than 800 years ago, before Europeans set foot in the Americas, a stunning city on the hill was built facing the rising sun over the Caribbean Sea. Tulum’s original Maya name, Zamá translates as “place of the dawning sun.” The Maya people carefully constructed this city to align with key astronomical observations, to provide defense for their people and to offer an early form of navigation to mariners moving goods within the Maya cities.
Tulum was mainly built for trading and religious matters. The Mayas would trade goods like turquoise, jade, cotton, food, copper bells, axes, cacao beans, and salt.
Today, overlooking a crystal clear sea and surrounded by 1600 acres of the national park and rising on a 40-foot cliff overlooking the sea, the walls and archeological sites of Tulum still hold the beauty, the power and the living connection to the people who first settled here those many centuries ago.
Experience the Exotic Beauty of Coba, the Tallest Maya Temple in Mexico:
Coba is one of the most beautiful vestiges in the world. Surrounded by lush colorful jungle, this archaeological site is a real-life paradise. Come experience the tropical forest and view the bright colors of the most exotic flowers, the beautiful scents as they float atop the lagoon, and so much more. Walk along with the leaf-covered limestone near the beautiful, tropical forest. Feel the soft, almost moss-like sensation of the leaves underneath your feet and imagine you’re walking on the clouds in the sky above you.
Get Lost in the Vastness of the Ancient City:
The ancient city of Coba is the tallest Maya structure in the Yucatan Peninsula. With its impressive 120 steps that reach 137 feet in height, climbing the Coba site is an epic journey. Close your eyes and imagine the nearly 50,000 inhabitants that used to roam the paths between the stone structures and along the edges of the nearby lagoon. Just being there is an immersive experience that can cast you back into the ancient past.
Participate in a Unique, Traditional Maya Ritual in the Pac Chen Community:
If you find yourself walking through the jungle, you may have the opportunity of a lifetime close at hand. In the jungle is a native man that your guide will introduce you to. You will see this man sitting peacefully before an altar, with an air of perfect calm. Once he senses you are nearby he will approach you with a small cup filled with smoke.
He will tell you and your guide that the choice is up to you to participate in the ritual or if you wish to continue exploring the jungle. If you consent to the ritual, this shaman will lead you to stand in a half-circle before the altar. Once you are standing before the altar, the shaman will ask you to open your hands as he waves the smoke of burning copal, a unique kind of aromatic resins from the Copal tree, from the cup and into your face and in your hands. You will then hold your smoke-filled hands close to your chest.
This is a form of connection between you and the shaman. It is his wish to share this moment with you and it is a way for him to share this important aspect of his heritage with you. Before the end of the ritual, you will be asked to repeat a few Maya words before you open your hands and release smoke to the skies above you.
At the conclusion of the ritual, many feel an inexplicable sense of peace and calm wash over them. Your part in this ritual is an offering of permission to the Maya gods to pass through the worlds of the Earth, the heavens and the underworld in peace. It is performed with you just as it has been performed by Maya Shamans for over 4000 years. Many participants have walked away from this experience feeling a sense of euphoria and inner peace. Not only is it a truly remarkable experience but it is a way to keep the heritage and sacred customs of the Maya people alive, allowing each generation to continue its practice.
Swim in an Underworld Paradise at Cenote Chimuch:
Like many cenotes throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, Cenote Chimuch, meaning “mouth of the frog” in the Maya language, is a treasure in paradise. With its golden and turquoise limestone walls and aquamarine waters, Cenote Chimuch is one of the best-preserved cenotes in the world. Home to a unique type of aquatic life, this refreshing pool is ideal for dipping your toes in at the end of a hot day of exploration. Step into the cool waters and see the jaw-opening formations and a variety of fishes like catfish and small crustaceans. It’s the ideal place for relaxation.
Experience History like Never Before:
The world’s most peaceful paradise is waiting for you to explore and experience. Come see the sights, feel the wind, hear the wildlife and feel the connection to the ancient Maya people. It’s a journey like no other and one you won’t forget. Join us in the adventure of a lifetime and experience the rare beauty and sacred wonder of Coba.
Get to Know the History of Coba:
This ancient city is around 2,300 years old and is one of the most beautifully preserved cities of Maya culture. While the city may have been used for residential and administrative purposes, it is speculated that this city played an important role in ceremonial events for the Maya people.
With its many roadways, Coba helped to contribute to the commerce of Maya civilization throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond. It’s a shining example of the impact the Maya civilization had on trade.

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What you will do

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6:30 - 08:00 AM (1:30 HRS)
Pick-up at hotels in Riviera Maya and Cancun.

9:00 - 10:00 AM
Arrival to archaeological sites or Mayan Villages (according to logistics).

Archaeological zone.

Archaeological zone.

Visit a secluded Mayan community, inhabitants will share with you their natural lifestyle.

6:00 - 7:00 PM
Drop-off at hotels in Riviera Maya or Cancun.


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  • Mayan Village
  • Mayan ritual
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Ruinas de Tulum, Zona Hotelera Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico


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